Useful Links

useful links
On this page we will be providing what we hope will be links to various resources that we hope you will find useful. We have sorted the links to help you navigate to various categories more conveniently. Included are links to:

  • various government sites where you can information and resources to assist you in dealing with both the Canadian Federal and Ontario Provincial governments, along with some of the most commonly referred to statutes that you may wish to access.
  • Charities that we try to support and would encourage our visitors to consider offering their support to as well.
  • Various businesses which we have successfully dealt with and would recommend to our visitors.
  • Information/Questionnaire forms that assist us in gathering information that we need to provide you with various services such as buying or selling a house, registering a construction lien or preparing a Will for you.

We will continue to expand this page as we locate additional links to recommend to you!