Practice Areas

  • Real Estate ServicesBuying, selling, leasing or renting – Commercial or Residential transactions We can help
  • LitigationWhether your dispute is Small Claims or Superior Court, our lawyers and paralegals are prepared to assist
  • Separation and/or DivorceWhile we can’t heal the heart break, we can help you through the legal process
  • Need your signature or a document notarizedCall us for a fast and easy appointment
  • Leasing or RentingLet us assist you in reviewing the lease or advising you about any disputes
  • Child Travel ConsentsHave a child that is traveling out of the country without you? Contact us to prepare the necessary parental travel consent
  • Corporate organization and maintenanceHave an existing corporation but need your minute book created or updated, call us!
  • Thinking of Incorporating?Let us go through the pros and cons and decide on whether it is right for your business
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney or AdministrationNeed a Will package or help in administering an estate, talk to us
  • Negotiating a settlement or contractDon’t let yourself be overwhelmed at the bargaining table, call us to assist you
  • Starting your own businessProprietorship, partnership or incorporation – Let us help you decide on the right business structure
  • Hurt in the workplace and have a claimLet our paralegals represent you in the process
  • Probate or Planning for EstatesLet us help you make sure you get it right
  • Trade Marks or CopyrightsBrandiing your business and protecting the intellectual property is important. Let us show you how trademarking and copyright helps
  • Changing your nameSounds simple but the paper work can be challenging. Let our paralegals guide you through this process
  • Looking for a PardonNow called a “Record Suspension”, talk to our paralegals to see if you qualify to apply


Our practice is primarily focused on providing legal services to individuals and small/medium sized businesses. Using a team of lawyers, paralegals and staff, we provide our clients with a broad range of legal services that cover the majority of legal services that would be typically required by individuals and small/medium sized businesses.

We recognize that individuals and businesses need access to basic legal services such as the drafting of a Will, the purchase of a house, the incorporation of a company or the review of a contract. By working in a range of areas, we are also able to understand how the different areas of law interact with each other and to provide you with services tailored to the specific needs of your situation. In the event that our client’s requirements exceed our area of competence, we have relationships with other lawyers capable of supplying more specialized services that we can cooperate with to insure that the job is completed correctly.

The areas in which we practice are listed in the column to the left of this text. Please feel free to peruse the practice areas. If you have a question about an area which is not listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss same. If we cannot help you, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.