Notarial Services

notarial services

Many people occasionally need to have their signature on a document notarized or obtain notarized copies of a document but find it difficult to find a notary that will provide this service. In most cases, we are able to provide this service in a timely (within 24 hours) and a very cost effective manner. Notarization and commissioning services include: letters of invitation for visas, letters of consent to travel, statutory declarations and affidavits.

We also provide services such as certified copies of an original document, apostille (authentication and legalization) services and notarization of electronic documents.

While we strive to be of assistance, there are some instances where we are unable to provide notarization services. These situations commonly involve your signing of legal documents, such as a Separation Agreement, where as part of the notarial statement made on the form, we are confirming that we have provided you with advice or that you understand the document. In these situations, our act of notarizing your signature may infer that we have also provided you with independent legal advice on the document and that you have retained us for more than the sole purpose of notarizing your signature.

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