Family Law

family law

Family law is the body of law that regulates domestic relationships between individuals within the Province of Ontario.

Pursuant to this law, couples are free to enter into binding contractual agreements that deal with the economic aspects of their relationships. Within these agreements, the parties may agree on how property is to be divided, support (child and spousal) and custody of children. These agreements may be entered into before marriage (a pre-marital agreement), while cohabiting together (a cohabitation agreement) or at the end of a marriage or a common law relationship (a separation agreement).Through the use of these types of agreements, couples can, within certain limits, avoid the uncertainty of court imposed terms related to support, custody and property division.

We can assist in the negotiation and drafting of a domestic agreement to insure that you understand your rights and obligations, that the agreement complies with all of the requirements of the Family Law Act and that you will be able to rely on same should the need to do so ever arise.

We also assist our clients in the process of filing for uncontested divorces. An uncontested divorce is usually the least expensive manner in which to “untie the knot” between yourself and a spouse. This type of a divorce is available only when the spouses have already settled all of the issues surrounding the division of property, payment of support and custody of children. While there are circumstances in which the courts may grant a divorce prior to these other issues being resolved, this is not a common situation.

In the event that you are unable to reach a negotiated settlement of your family law issues, we also work with other counsel well versed in contested family law matters to advise you on your case and to represent you in the courts. Our goal in this situation is to guide you through the court process and to insure that you obtain a fair determination of your rights and obligations. In most cases, a negotiated settlement is reached prior to the matter having to go in front of a judge for a final determination but we are capable of representing you through to a trial if necessary.

Should you be contemplating entering into a relationship involving marriage or cohabitation which could lead to a common-law relationship, we would be pleased to discuss with you the issues which you may need to contemplate at the outset of the relationship.

Similarly, if you find yourself in a marriage or common-law relationship which has unfortunately reached its end, we are here to advise and represent you through this difficult time.

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