business contracts

Most of us regularly enter into contracts, usually without even thinking about them. Whether doing something as simple as buying a cup of coffee or entering into an agreement to rent a car or accepting a new job we are entering into contracts with other people. For the vast majority of your day to day consumer transactions: buying lunch at a restaurant, buying a new pair of pants at the store, renting a car for a vacation, etc, you will not require a lawyer’s advice on the transaction. You will understand your basic rights and obligations in these types of contracts and the value of most of them will not justify the expense of a lawyer’s review.

Despite our basic understanding of simple contracts not all contracts are simple and there are times when it may be worth having a lawyer review a contract for you and assist you in the negotiation of the terms of the contract. Contracts such as significant business contracts with high values and/or long term consequences to your business, senior employment contracts, dismissal agreements, cohabitation/marriage/separation agreements, agreements to buy or sell land or a business are all types of contracts that you may benefit from having a lawyer involved in the negotiation and/or drafting of the contract.

For business clients, we have also worked successfully to assist them in the preparation of standard form agreements that they regularly use for their day to day transactions. Whether your business is web design, vehicle/equipment repair, retail sales, residential or commercial leasing, etc, it is likely that your business could benefit from having a lawyer regularly review and provide input on the standard documents that you are using with your customers.

We have been assisting our clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for over 15 years and have also assisted our clients in the interpretation and/or enforcement of contracts that they have entered into prior to consulting with us.

If you have any contract matters you would like to discuss with us, please contact us.