The Boarder Who Doesn’t Pay

Written by on January 11, 2017

Probably one of the most common issues a boarding barn owner or manager will encounter is a client who does not pay board in a timely fashion, becomes behind on board payments, or even abandons the horse completely. While horse boarding stables are staffed by people whose primary concern is always caring for the animals, […]


Can I avoid Estate Tax by putting my child on title to my home with me?

Written by on November 25, 2016

Can I avoid Estate Tax by putting my child on title to my home with me? We all like to avoid paying taxes and the idea of being taxed because you died seems even more distasteful. So what can you do to get the bad taste out of your mouth? Conceptually, the answer is fairly […]


The Importance of a Will

Written by on November 10, 2016

The importance of a will cannot be understated. An up-to-date and properly written will can simplify settling an estate after a person’s death, while ensuring that the deceased’s wishes are carried out and desired beneficiaries receive their inheritances. There are a number of different clauses that can be included in a will to tailor it […]


Ok, I have made my Will, now what?

Written by on October 19, 2016

For many people, the decision to make a Will is a difficult one. Contemplating and planning for what you want to happen to your material belongings after you pass can feel like a morbid exercise. Most people, having made the decision to put this exercise behind them give a sigh of relief once they have gotten through the Will interview […]


The Horse Riding Safety Act

Written by on July 13, 2016

The Horse Riding Safety Act is legislation unique to Ontario. It is important for those who run boarding stables, lesson barns, trail strings, or host horse shows, clinics, or other events where horses will be ridden to understand the application of this law. The Horse Riding Safety Act was introduced primarily as a result of […]


What are paralegals, and how can they help me?

Written by on July 13, 2016

This question is more common than I expected when I began practising as a licenced paralegal in 2014. I was genuinely surprised how many people were unsure of what exactly a paralegal is and what legal issues a paralegal can help with. What is a paralegal? A paralegal is not a lawyer. A paralegal is […]